21st Century Fox

21st Century Fox is one of the most prominent media and entertainment companies in the world, spanning six continents and reaching more than 1.8 billion subscribers every day. With a portfolio including 20th Century Fox, FX, National Geographic and Hulu, 21CF is the home of some of the most storied brands and iconic characters in history. As a brand in its own right, 21CF had little more than a logo and basic color palette. Our task was to articulate the 21CF point of view and create an identity system to align the entire portfolio of brands under a single idea.

Story sits squarely at the heart of the new brand. It’s an elemental component of everything from feature film to television, broadcast, VR, documentary and sports. We took inspiration from the mark itself, specifically the beacon. It illuminates, reveals, exposes the stories, people and characters behind shows, films and teams around the world. The result is a robust yet refined identity system that expresses the parent brand through the content, the writing, the artifacts of the stories themselves.

We had the opportunity to extend that brand into physical space, specifically the top floors of the new 21st Century Fox headquarters in New York. We curated a selection of content from across the portfolio, around the globe and back through the rich history of the core brands. We created a series of 43 unique wall murals that each represent ‘story’ through a different lens.

A modified DNA sequence from a National Geographic feature on CRISPR, the end credits from Cleopatra, a list of Itchy and Scratchy episode titles and render code from Blue Sky Animation Studios; the sources and formats reflect the diversity in the holdings, content and audiences of 21CF.

Concept, Design and Art Direction

Ryan Moore, Corey Yurkovich, Julian Bevan, Elaan Bourn, Andrew Keating, Andrew Brown, Brandon Kennedy, Alfons Hooikaas, Kerry Griner, Kelvin Kottke, and Garrett Corcoran