Nike Flagship
To mark the opening of their new flagship store in Soho, Nike commissioned us to create a series of vignettes, as well as a messaging system, for the entry-way screen and interactive kiosks.
Standing five stories at the corner of Broadway and Prince, Nike Soho isn’t just a retail space – but a new fixture in the NYC landscape. As such, we wanted to create a piece that felt distinctly NYC.

Our solution was to create a constantly evolving collage of footage, typography and graphic city elements. This mixing and mashing feels like New York, a city that’s constantly being built on top of itself, layering and molting with different cultures and eras butting up against each other. Design Director: Caleb HalterProduced at Gretel with Greg Hahn, Andrew Brown, David Nelson, Greg Slagel, Evan Kultangwatana and Forrest Heidel