Nike Flagship
To mark the opening of their new flagship store in Soho, Nike commissioned us to create a series of vignettes, as well as a messaging system, for the entry-way screen and interactive kiosks.
Standing five stories at the corner of Broadway and Prince, Nike Soho isn’t just a retail space — but a new fixture in the NYC landscape. As such, we wanted to create a piece that felt distinctly NYC.

Our solution was to create a constantly evolving collage of footage, typography and graphic city elements. This mixing and mashing feels like New York, a city that’s constantly being built on top of itself, layering and molting with different cultures and eras butting up against each other.

Design direction by Caleb Halter. Produced at Gretel with Greg Hahn, Andrew Brown, David Nelson, Greg Slagel, Evan Kultangwatana and Forrest Heidel.