For seed-stage venture funds, success is measured in foresight. Variant demonstrated theirs not only by building a portfolio that defines the leading edge in web3, but also by naming the fund Variant in 2019.

What sets Variant’s approach apart is their ability to court visionary founders and cultivate communities around them, serving not just as an incubator of ideas but as a champion of subcultures.

By working with founders at the earliest possible stage, Variant is a connector of the dots. As a nod to default hyperlink styling, the identity is bound together by a single Variant blue.

This singularity is counterbalanced by a lively mix of user-generated glyphs and hand-made patterns within a fluid grid system, speaking to Variant’s community-first approach and creating a sense of structure and variability in equal measure. The space Variant creates is just that—a flexible framework for diverse thinking.

Caleb Halter, Laurel Warner, Mimi Jiao, Adam Brandon and Leslie Liu (Regrets Only). Jesse Walden, Li Jin, Spencer Noon, Adam Delehanty and Alli Pope (Variant). Web Development by Camp Quiet.