Branding, visual identity and launch of VICELAND, the new television network by VICE. With a focus on global lifestyle and culture, the network’s original content slices across the cultural spectrum: food, sex, fashion, music, sports, politics and more.
The VICELAND brand is equal parts exhibition catalog and street flyer; Craigslist and couture; generic and refined. It is simultaneously the elevated ‘high’ and vernacular ‘low.’ A translation of the VICE sensibility, it’s blunt and raw.
An exposed structure, a functional language free of decoration, artifice and veneer. The brand is an objective frame for the network’s content. Unstyled, unslick, unadorned.

Art Director and Designer: Caleb Halter
Produced at Gretel with Greg Hahn, Ryan Moore, Dylan Mulvaney, Dina Chang, Ken Tanabe, Drake Miller, Daniel Clark, Brandon Kennedy, Eli Mavros, Bill Saunders, Penny Mailander and Haley Klatzkin