PotluckPotluck was born out of necessity. Founder Jen Arsenault spent years searching for Korean pantry staples like the ones handmade by her mother’s family in South Korea: all-natural countertop essentials packed with flavor that are both fun and easy to cook with. After coming up short with the options available here in the United States, she started Potluck just like the handmade pantry staples she grew up on—from scratch.

Potluck’s products are crafted in small batches in South Korea using traditional methods with cotton cloths, ceramic pots, and iron cauldrons. This practice aims to revive traditional flavors that have been diluted over time due to mass production.

In order to connect Potluck with both those who have cherished these flavors for generations and those experiencing them for the first time, we sought an identity that pays homage to tradition while also welcoming newcomers to the table.

We began by embracing that Korean cuisine is not defined by any one thing—it is a rich tapestry of texture, dimension, and flavor. Drawing inspiration from bojagi, Korean traditional wrapping cloths typically crafted from a variety of materials. The patchwork construction transforms simple fabric squares into beautiful, varied, and complex compositions.

The resulting identity embodies the essence of its name—a gathering—of ingredients, dishes, and people, creating a unique and more flavorful whole. This “1+1=3” mentality encourages mixing and matching, infusing the brand with a sense of spontaneity and play that is also the act of cooking at its best.

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