The Big Favorite
Originally founded in the 1930’s by Lawson Turner, The Big Favorite delivered on its name as the go-to workwear for blue collar workers and a brand synonymous with value, craft and durability.

Nearly ninety years later, that legacy lives on through Lawson’s great granddaughter, Eleanor, who has recycled, reimagined and refocused The Big Favorite with a new and timely mission—to help divert 11 million pounds of undergarment textile waste from U.S. landfills daily.

In doing so, we saw an opportunity to deliver on that mission by creating a brand that isn’t just inspired by circularity, but is itself recycled.

The resulting identity is a lively mix of familiar and unexpected. By mining graphic ephemera from the past, each piece carries a unmistakable nostalgia, while leveraging randomized generative compositions, brand applications feel anything but—each an exercise in turning found elements into something new and unexpected.
Regrets Only
Caleb Halter

The Big Favorite
Eleanor Turner

Photography by Breanne Furlong Parker


9 Station Street #201
Brookline, MA 02445